O que está a acontecer


Understanding that partnerships are fundamental to growth, GeekCase strengthens its relationship with PT by becoming an ICT (information and communication technology) PARTNER.

“In the ICT component, where PT leads different work streams from Portugal to the entire Altice Group, stand out pioneering IOT and machine to machine solutions, focusing on the connectivity and communication network, management, transmission and analysis of data and service and application support architecture. In this area, we highlight vertical solutions such as fleet management, water telemetry, agriculture and gardens and energy efficiency, in which strategic partnerships with an end-to-end capability have been established The highlight is Narrow Net, the Sigtex partner of Altice in Portugal, where, alongside Spain and France, it already has 90% population coverage, a presence in 14 countries and a world ecosystem with a record of 7 million linked objects .
Asserting itself as the ideal partner in the transition to the cloud, PT presents cybersecurity, housing, backup, and storage solutions, managed IT services, business continuity rooms, virtual servers and collaboration mobility products. This strategic offer benefits from PT’s Data Center in Covilhã, one of the largest and best in Europe and a strategic asset that integrates the Altice Group’s 18 Data Centers network. ”  Ask us for a solution request for your company!